KBH Archers

       A Club For All Archers


KBH Archers offers 4 options to become a member of the club. They are as follows.

    1.  Family                                 $ 106.00   p/year                                       (includes spouse, and children up to 18 years of age) 

    2.  Individual Adult                     $ 80.00     p/year

    3.  Individual Youth                    $ 38.00     p/year
           (12 - 17 years of age)*

    4.  Individual Cadet                    $ 10.00     p/year
         (8 - 11 years of age)*

* NOTE: Individual Youth and Individual Cadet memberships apply only if there are no other members of the family in KBH Archers. Youth and Cadet membership's are subject to permission of the parent and/or guardian.


Application Options

Membership applications are available at the following locations.

  1. PDF version click here
  2. KBH Archers Range
  3. Peninsula's Premier Pro Shop

** If you are completing out a membership application form for an Individual Youth or Individual Cadet membership a parent an/or legal guardian must provide proof of permission upon request by the membership committee.

Please make checks payable to KBH Archers and send to:

Gene Schanzmeyer
KBH Archers
7573 NE Old Military Road
Bremerton, WA. 98311